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Schroders Asset Allocation and Real Return Monthly Performance

1 mth 3 mths 6 mths 1 yr 3 yr p.a. Inception p.a.*
-1.66% -0.75% 0.28% 1.93% - 3.67%

    * Inception date 09/08/2016. Asset allocation and performance (post-fee) as at 31 October 2018. Past performance is not an indicator of future performance.

    What does the fund look like?

    ASX Ticker
    Adjusted iNav
    Intraday adjusted indicative NAV*
    As at 13/12/18 03:00 pm
    Inception date
    9th August 2016 (strategy inception August 2008)
    Management style
    Active, objective based framework
    Investment and risk objective
    Targets CPI+5% p.a (before fees) over three year rolling periods whilst minimising downside risk
    Investment time horizon
    At least 3 years
    Management costs
    Distribution frequency
    Normally twice yearly in December and June

    What are the risks?
    The Fund may deliver negative returns or not perform as anticipated. Investment risk will be influenced by factors such as domestic and international markets, economic conditions, political climates, interest rates and inflation. For further details about the risks of investing in this strategy, please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement.

    *Inflation is measured by the RBA Trimmed Mean as published by the ABS.

    Date End of Day Price
    12 Dec 2018 3.5705
    11 Dec 2018 3.5599
    10 Dec 2018 3.5622
    07 Dec 2018 3.5751
    06 Dec 2018 3.5785
    05 Dec 2018 3.5818
    04 Dec 2018 3.5805
    03 Dec 2018 3.5943
    30 Nov 2018 3.5824
    29 Nov 2018 3.5866
    Schroder Real Return Fund distribution timetable Distribution for the period ending 31 December 2018
    Ex-date 02 January 2018
    Record date 03 January 2018
    DRP Election date 04 January 2018
    Pay date/Reinvestment date 12 January 2018
    Distribution price 6.29 cents per unit
    Reinvestment price $3.6449 cents per unit
    Schroder Real Return Fund_Monthly Report_October_2018
    Monthly Redemptions and Units on issue_September_2018
    Schroder Real Return Fund_Annual_Report_30_June_2018
    Schroder Real Return Product Disclosure Statement
    Schroder Real Return Fund_Monthly Report_August_2018

    Five reasons to invest in the GROW active ETF

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    A real objective

    GROW’s primary focus is the delivery of a real investment objective, and not some arbitrary benchmark. Specifically, the fund aims to deliver 5% over Australian inflation (before fees) over rolling three year periods without taking undue risk so that the journey to achieving this objective is a relatively stable one.

    GROW expands your wealth

    GROW’s primary focus is to deliver a real return to investors not beat some arbitrary benchmark. Specifically, GROW aims to deliver 5% p.a. over Australian inflation (before fees) over rolling three-year periods without taking undue risk, so that achieving the objective is a relatively stable journey.

    GROW protects your wealth

    Our active approach aims to GROW your wealth but also to preserve your wealth at times. The strategy is designed to insulate investors from the full extent of market falls. We do that by taking an unconstrained approach to asset allocation where we constantly reassess both the opportunities and downside risks associated with all of our investments. For example, if we think share markets will fall, we will endeavour to hold fewer – or even no – shares.

    GROW aims to protect your wealth against inflation. By achieving a return in excess of inflation, we help safeguard your lifestyle against rising prices for goods and services.

    GROW puts your investments in capable hands

    GROW offers access to a broad universe of opportunities from more than 40 countries, across 15,000 shares, 18,000 bonds, as well as other investments such as property securities, alternatives and currencies. This universe not only provides investors with instant diversification but also allows the portfolio management team the flexibility to find appropriate investments regardless of how investment markets are behaving.

    It’s a simple and easy way to invest with a low minimum

    As an active ETF found on the ASX, buying and selling units in GROW is as simple as trading any ASX-listed security. As with any other stock, the minimum tradable amount is just $500.

    Who does GROW suit?

    The GROW active ETF offers a flexible solution to a broad range of investors

    People in the wealth-accumulation phase

    With lower volatility and potential for capital growth, GROW seeks to provide investors with a real return of 5% p.a. (before fees) over rolling three-year periods.

    Those about to retire

    GROW aims to generate consistent real returns while minimising the risk of large losses. It thus helps protect wealth, an important objective for people such as retirees who may need to call upon their wealth.

    Those in retirement

    GROW has the potential to enhance retirement planning by providing the potential to grow and at times preserve capital while producing income. It offers a diversified solution for investors seeking a reasonable rate of return, without the volatility typical of a portfolio dominated by shares. GROW also offers the ability to keep pace with inflation which portfolios dominated by cash do not.

    Those worried about longevity risk

    With its targeting of 5% p.a. above inflation (before fees) over rolling three-year periods, GROW offers inflation protection for investors, to help them keep pace with the rising cost of living through their retirement.

    Where does GROW fit?

    GROW can be used in a number of ways to complement different investment strategies
    A cost-effective whole-of-portfolio solution

    The Real Return active ETF can be used as a whole-of-portfolio solution. GROW is particularly effective if your investable balance is not large enough to truly diversify across the investment universe.

    As a core portfolio in a ‘core-satellite’ approach

    The Real Return active ETF provides a cost-effective solution that makes up the bulk or ‘core’ of the portfolio. Additional satellite investments can then provide strategic exposure to specific asset classes, dialled up or down to support specific goals.

    Replacing a portion of each asset class

    An allocation to the Real Return active ETF is created by reducing existing allocations to growth, defensive and alternative assets.

    Alternative asset allocation

    Given its absolute return nature, the Real Return active ETF can replace an existing allocation to alternative assets, or sit alongside other investments as part of an allocation to alternative assets. GROW provides liquidity and transparency, which many alternatives do not.


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